Mallrats (1995): Hit Brodie

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The clip hit brodie from Mallrats (1995) with Jason Lee, Ben Affleck Fill this with Coke, no ice. Want a s...
The clip hit brodie from Mallrats (1995) with Jason Lee, Ben Affleck Fill this with Coke, no ice. Want a sip of my soda? Smart-ass ex-boyfriend. Now, I got two things to tell you. One: I don't like you. I see you every week in this mall. I don't like shiftless layabouts. You're one of these loser fuckin' mallrat kids. You don't come down here to work or shop; you hang out all day, act like you fuckin' live here. I have no respect for people with no shopping agenda. Is this is what's known as motivated salesmanship? Rene told me to leave you alone, but she's fuckin' clueless. You see, Bruce... I like to pick up girls on the rebound from a disappointing relationship. They're more vulnerable, in much more need of solace. And they're fairly open to suggestion. And I use that to fuck them some place fairly uncomfortable. What, like the back of a Volkswagen? No. Like someplace girls dread. Hey, whoa. Did we ever get along? Once or twice. How come we went out as long as we did? You had cable. You gonna stay for the show? Absolutely not. As soon as he gets back here, I'm gone. T.S. Quint, where's your sense of chivalry? Oh, my God, is that Brodie? You're fuckin' kidding? The Easter Bunny did this? All I said was "The Easter Bunny at the Menlo Park Mall was more convincing," and he just jumped the railing and knocked me down. He's dead! Let it go. He's under a lot of pressure. What happened to him? The Easter Bunny kicked his ass. I had it coming. Fuck all that shit. Come on, Silent Bob. What really happened? The proprietor of Fashionable Male beat a rain check into my stomach. Shannon Hamilton? You know that guy? I went out with him after we dated. He tried to screw me somewhere very uncomfortable. Like the back of a Volkswagen? Sounds like his M.O. Can you get up?