The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005): Meeting Trish

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The clip meeting Trish from The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) with Steve Carell, Catherine Keener You know, yo...
The clip meeting Trish from The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) with Steve Carell, Catherine Keener You know, you said there wasn't gonna be any pressure at all. I'm not pressuring you. Excuse me. Can one of you guys help me, please? No hablo English, lady. I actually am helping a customer right now. Okay, well... I'm on break. But our stock supervisor is very knowledgeable. He can answer all of your questions and he'd love to help you. Thank you. Have a nice day. You, too. Great, okay. Hi, I'm Trish. Hi, Andy is my name. This one looks pretty good. You don't wanna buy that VCR. I don't? No, actually to be totally honest with you... you don't wanna buy any VCR. It's a dead technology. It's like getting an eight-track player. Yeah. Or a Betamax. You know what, actually I'd recommend this one. This is a dual. You've got the VCR and DVD combo. So, you know, that technology would be probably pretty good for... Six months or so? Yeah. That's good. At best. Sorry. No. As good as it gets. Okay, that sounds good, then. Okay, all right. It's perfect. Sorry. Coming through. Okay. God, you know, it's so funny, I work right across the street... and I've never been in this place. Really? Where at? Yeah. The "We Sell Your Stuff On eBay" store. Yes. And that's the name? Yeah, I was looking for something... you know, obvious. So I chose that. I don't understand. So, what, you do what? Well, I take the stuff that you don't want... and then I "sell" it on eBay. But you don't actually sell anything in the store? No. I don't. So why do you have a store? I don't know. No, I think it's because, you know, I wanna maybe look professional... and not like a crazy person who's just gonna steal all your shit. Sure. I didn't mean anything by that. No, it's okay. You know what, you should come by sometime if you want, you know... see it for yourself, check it out. I'll check out your empty store. Yeah, it's the one across the street that's not empty. Here's my number. So...