The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005): Poker Night with the Guys

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The clip poker night with the guys from The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) with Romany Malco, Steve Carell Goin...
The clip poker night with the guys from The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) with Romany Malco, Steve Carell Going down! Going down! Dumbass. And a full house. Oh, my dukes! What? How much fucking online poker do you play, dawg? For like an hour or two a night, when I'm not playing Halo. Why did you invite this guy? He's a fucking ringer, man. This is hog shit. You, you're a fucking asshole to tell me to come here. You tell me he was a nice guy, didn't you? Well, fuck you people, and fuck you, you and you... fuck and kiss my big brown fucking ass, okay? I'm gonna see you tomorrow. Peace. All right, man. Fuck a goat. Good night. I love that guy. Dude, you totally... Oh, shit, I gotta go. Damn. About to go see Ellen in a little bit. Going now? Late-night action, huh? Dude, you know how it goes. Does your girlfriend know about all these late-night visits? It's like an unspoken agreement. Yeah. It's like a completely and utterly unspoken agreement. If you knew her, if you knew who I was dealing with... you wouldn't be saying this shit. There's nothing you can't do with this woman... straight up and down. I literally sit at home trying to think of things to do to her. I'm dead serious Sometimes I just sit for hours, just staring at the sky trying to come up with something to do I don't even know if she can walk. I've never seen her standing up. I've only seen her on her back. Wow! Yeah. That's sick, man. Wow. That is not sick. I will give you sick. Oh, shit. I was sleeping with a woman recently, she had the... Her tits were unbelievable. Oh, man, I love titties. And so we're doing it and I'm about to finish... and her dog starts licking my ass. I swear to God, I have to decide, do I finish or do I stop the dog? I know your nasty ass. He finished. I finished. And then I stole the dog. No, I didn't, but... You know, sometimes, Amy and I would make love... till it was almost like we weren't two people... but we were two spirits or something. Our souls were connected in this way, I can't describe it. Time stood still. It was like we were sharing the same heart.