Scoop (2006): Party Invitation

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The clip party invitation from Scoop (2006) with Scarlett Johansson, Woody Allen Hi. Guess what? What? Pet...
The clip party invitation from Scoop (2006) with Scarlett Johansson, Woody Allen Hi. Guess what? What? Peter Lyman sent you flowers. I assume your name is Jade Spence? Naturally I accepted for you. Yeah, I'm Jade Spence. What is going on? Oh, Vivian... Oh, Peter's giving a party on Saturday and he wants me to come. I... Oh, I guess I'll have to buy a dress. Well, he certainly seems smitten with you. If he's smitten with anyone, it's Jade Spence. Who is Jade Spence? A would-be investigative reporter who's falling in love with the object of her investigation. Of course we did. Absolutely. God bless you, sir. I'm going to show you a little thing. I want you to think of a card. Just... ..any one you want. You got it? All right. Are you happening to be thinking of the seven of spades? That's amazing! How do you do that? Just a little hobby of mine. I wish I had more time to practice, but, what with my oil wells, you know, I never get around to it. Your daughter's very beautiful. You met my daughter? Yes. We're very proud of her, a lovely girl. Overcame a great handicap. Yeah. You know, she was learning disabled. Her mother and I took her to many specialists, Now she's practically normal, you know. She's a charmer. God bless you. What is your sign? I'm an Aquarian. You're Aquarian? And what is your persuasion? Do you mean my religion? Yeah, your persuasion. I'm a Christian. What are you? Yes, are you? Me, I was born into the Hebrew persuasion, but, when I got older, I converted to narcissism. Dad? Hmm? Dad, I need to talk to you right now. Oh, I was just about to pull some quarters out of Mrs. Quincy's nose. Right now. I need to talk to you. Really? Yep. Excuse me. I'll... Where? Would you stop doing those nitwit tricks? What is wrong with you? You're supposed to be a dignified businessman. I told them it was a hobby. The hobby of a rich merchant. You know, so... Oh, excuse me. Excuse me.