Scoop (2006): Murder Suspicions

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The clip murder suspicions from Scoop (2006) with Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson So the reason why he was...
The clip murder suspicions from Scoop (2006) with Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson So the reason why he was skulking around, was 'cause he had this private family business which is too delicate to discuss, actually. Sorry, I don't buy it. What? The man is a liar and a murderer. And I say that with all due respect. Sidney. Child, I know what I'm talking about. Don't call me that, all right? Do you remember when we were out on the estate, I found a clue, you thought I was nuts? I thought you were nuts so many times I can't recall the exact one. Do you remember this little item? This clue? Yes, Betty G. Yes, Betty G. Now, I checked all the girls that were murdered. The one that was killed the night we saw Peter on the street, was named Elizabeth Gibson. So? So Betty is short for Elizabeth a lot of times. Oh, come on, Sidney. That's a real stretch. You're reaching now. Look, supposing you wanted to rub somebody out and not get caught. Nobody wants to get caught, Sidney. Look, he wants to get rid of Elizabeth Gibson. Betty Gibson. Betty Gibson. So, there's a series of murders with a guy that's got a real style. A Tarot card. They said he was a total maniac. He buys a Tarot deck and let's say he hides it. Hypothetically, he hides it, let's say, in a music room. Let's say he hides it in a French horn. Oh, Sidney. In a French horn! I'm losing patience with you. I'm not saying the guy did all the murders. I'm saying that he just did Elizabeth Gibson, then folded it into the series of the Tarot Killer so he wouldn't get caught. Henry Banks confessed to all the murders. Henry Banks is deranged! He hallucinates! My God. You know those guys like to brag when they get caught. Henry Banks, you know... Where are you going? The cops will dump every unsolved murder on Henry Banks. They haven't caught anybody in years. Peter wouldn't hurt a fly. Oh, really? What about a fly who speaks? What? Yes. Why would Peter kill a prostitute? Because it looks terrible on his resume. Who knows what kind of sordid life this guy has? Have you completely lost your mind? What is wrong with you?