Dr. Mario! Eminem Dr. Dre Parody - I Need A Doctor

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Download the song here: *******itunes.apple****/us/album/dr-mario-parody-i-need-a-doctor/id433877471 Chad ...
Download the song here: *******itunes.apple****/us/album/dr-mario-parody-i-need-a-doctor/id433877471 Chad and Angie's parody of "I Need a Doctor" by Eminem and Dr. Dre. Featuring SociallyAwkwardHuman as Luigi: *******www.youtube****/SociallyAwkwardHuman Screen Team puts out geeky parodies and vlogs! Subscribe for your weekly geekly fun! Screen Team Shop now open! *******screenteam.spreadshirt****/ Facebook: *******screenteamshow****/facebook Twitter: *******twitter****/TheScreenTeam Lyrics Chorus (Peach) I'm about to lose a life I've been hit by a shell This happens all the time I need a doctor Call me a doctor I need my Doctor Mario So i can feel alright Rap Luigi I told my bro, one day he should go on back To the lab and make us a game so fast and fun you'll have a heart attack Throwin' vitamins at viruses, tell me how cool is that? Next time, include Luigi M.D., now how 'bout that? No! But don't even think i'm mad. I only got a vacuum cleaner, when he got a water spraying jet pack. Hope you come with a new game fast Galaxy was a blast. But, Mario, wish you'd throw some pills like in past! Rap Mario It feels like many generations ago When i first put on my lab coat and my.... stethoscope I've played golf, and i shot hoops, tennis too, it's true But i had a lot of fun as Dr. Mario too. Got my friends. One of them i ride on. So watch your step. Yoshi's tongue can equal certain death Chew 'em up and spit 'em out. Luigi is my man. He is a lot like me but he's a slim! Big Bertha scares us, But we like to swim! Silly Bowser After all these years, you think he'd run from us But it seems he isn't through kidnapping you, princess And for you i will continue and say "here we goooo!" for goodness sake I'll whirl through every world if you'll bake a cake! Grab your Wii and shake. If you want to play with me. Lookout, a Fire Snake! I do a backflip and i am safe! But now i realize that i should immunize you guys. So, If you're feeling ill, let me grab my pills and kill those viruses!