Ritchie Blackmore Style Legato Guitar Lesson - Lick Of The Week

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Please like on Facebook to get all the latest lesson updates! Just go here! *******www.facebook****/pages/wwwGuitarLessons365com/409156790345 Please Like, Comment, Favorite and Subscribe to help this lesson get more views. Thanks!! In this installment of our "Lick Of The Week" series at *******www.GuitarLessons365**** we will take a look at a legato lick in the style of the great Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple. Be sure to download the free TAB PDF for this lesson so you can more easily follow along. You can get it here: *******www.guitarlessons365****/ritchie-blackmore-style-legato-guitar-lesson-lick-of-the-week/ This Ritchie Blackmore style legato lick uses slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs across multiple strings to create a slippery sounding lick that can be quite deceiving to the ear. Although it is in straight sixteenth note triplets, you will notice that the use of all of the various legato techniques help to mask that strict 16th note triplet feel. Take your time and slowly work this lick up to speed and make sure that all of the notes are articulated correctly. It might be a good idea to count out loud the timing of the lick in the beginning while you play it like I do briefly in the video. So have fun with this cool Ritchie Blackmore style legato lick! I hope you can easily add it to you bag of tricks whenever you want to show a little of that Blackmore mojo. :) Please remember that these free lessons are only possible with your support at GuitarLessons365****. If you enjoy the lessons please consider an extremely inexpensive Premium membership or a donation to the site. Thanks!! Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown