World Teachers' Day Tribute to Supreme Master Ching Hai

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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Gratitude on World Teachers' Day with a Special Tribute to Supreme Master Chin...
*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Gratitude on World Teachers' Day with a Special Tribute to Supreme Master Ching Hai. Episode: 1847, Air Date: 5 October 2011. Established by the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) 17 years ago, World Teachers’ Day invites us to appreciate all the teachers in our lives. Ms. Jenny Chacón Fernández is a teacher at Maria Auxiliadora School in Costa Rica. After a full day of teaching class and interacting with students, her job is far from over. I feel proud to be a teacher because I like so much to cultivate my students’ minds. We see how this society is in these days. What I want the most for my students is that they have a future. In order that they believe that they are able to succeed. In order that they don´t fall into drugs, vandalism, delinquency. My philosophy in teaching is to educate with love, with values. Bio, which means life. Bio is life. And diversity, right? Diversity of life. That is what we have in our country. We have to… Take care of it. Yeah, what for? So they won’t become extinct. I thank God that I´m a teacher. I feel proud. But I ask God that He open my heart every day in order to be able to learn more from them (students), and understand them. We love our teacher! No matter in which country, teachers build our lifelong moral principles while equipping us with skills and motivation. Let’s now go to Formosa (Taiwan) and Lishan High School in Taipei. We have set a few standards for the students to reach. For example, first, I want them to be able to think. Second, I want them to be creative. Third, living well. I hope they (students) can become people who can often reflect on themselves and be responsible to themselves. Then they can contribute to themselves in the future. Contribute to their families. Contribute to the society. Contribute to this world, and this universe. This is what I hope for my students. Children have energy, like seeds. So we hope to guide them to the direction of goodness. Sometimes, I share my thoughts with the students to consider that sometimes it happens that we cut our fingers accidentally when we are using a knife. We will feel sore for a few days. But for a living being as animals, we would kill them brutally just for the nutrition supplement, or fulfilling the desire of our taste. To guide the students to think about the meat diet from the compassionate point of view I think it's a starting point. So if we can forgo the meat because we don't want others to kill for us, we would be able to establish more empathy and a more compassionate relationship with the people around us and become more caring to others. I hope that they not only learn knowledge, but also grow spiritually, which is the more important aspect. Teacher, you worked very hard during the past year. Please continue to help me. I’m very thankful to you! I love you and Happy Teachers’ Day! Even through adulthood, we meet other teachers in life’s journey. On a broad scale, progress in civilization could be credited to those who came before – the teachers. I mean there are many, many teachers along the way. Martial arts teachers guided me through my martial arts career. But in regards to raw food was probably Dr. Doug Graham, one of biggest inspirations for me. He has developed the 80/10/10 diet. And that’s just really cutting off all the bad things and just living on nature’s beauty. Thank you very much for teaching me, so I can actually pass it on even further. The human race is forever indebted to the great, ultimate teachers of humanity, namely, the enlightened spiritual Masters who have helped to elevate the world. I’m going to talk about my spiritual Master, who is Jesus. What touched me the most in his teaching, it’s the love of the neighbor, love of each other. And everything he said, if we can put into practice the wisdom, I believe that we will live in a happy world, of peace, of tranquility. Supreme Master Ching Hai is an enlightened Master of our times who tirelessly works to save the planet and raise humanity’s consciousness. She imparts to her students, our Association members, the Quan Yin Method of meditation. I was a pastor for ten years or more, and during that time, I was lacking something in me. This emptiness inside me got me into searching for the truth. I had a dream where I saw Master, and afterwards on the internet. And the teachings have really transformed me. I am a changed and a totally happy man in all aspects of life. Yes! I want to thank Master from the bottom of my heart for all the good things she has done for me! On World Teachers’ Day, members of our Association wish to express their experiences and gratitude to beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. In my daily life, I feel Master’s presence, and as I learn and live according to Master’s teachings, I feel I’m not alone anymore and I never feel lonely. A teacher surely is concerned with each individual student. Master has countless disciples, but how can she take care of all of them one by one? I can’t imagine how infinite Master’s capacity is, and her teachings. Thank you, Master! I love you. As she works invisibly with each willing individual, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s spiritual guidance helps to awaken the true, wise and loving Self inside, dispelling the darkness from all corners of the heart. One of the things that I found very beneficial from Master Ching Hai was that she said to us that we can meditate anytime during the day. Whereas before I used to feel frustrated or annoyed that I was not doing anything at work if there were no customers at the shop that I work at, now I can just go inward. I feel like I’m not wasting my life at any point any time in my life. And that probably comes across to the customers as well when they do come in. I’m obviously a lot more settled, calm, peaceful, happy and nice to the customers. Because we meditate in the morning before going to work, and meditate after coming home from work, then in the evening before going to bed. Therefore, it is like having a shower every day to clean ourselves, to make our soul clean so that we could feel more calm and have less of a worldly, competitive attitude, but rather feel very happy. Also, Master’s teachings also encourage people to be vegan, meaning no animal products should be used. These are very good precepts because when our spirit is not coming in contact with any animal products, we will have a much lighter meditation, and our daily life will be so much more smoother, filled with peace and joy. And everywhere we go, we will bring happiness to others. That’s why I’d like people to know about this method, that this method is very precious and very good for everyone to practice. And I am forever grateful to Master for giving me this method. My sweet Master, My sweet Master, Master Ching Hai. I thank you with all my heart. How can I tell the feelings in my heart? I thank you, my sweet Master. After the initiation, I came to realize that the bright light that I have found inside was actually Master. Supreme Master Ching Hai has been with me since I was young. When I attended a retreat, I talked to Master about “blessings.” I explained to Master that wherever I go, I would receive so much blessing from everything around me. When I started to see the world with love, I could feel the blessing power coming from the trees, from the rivers, from the sun, from the stars, even grass. After talking (about this) to Supreme Master Ching Hai, she lovingly said, “Congratulations, sister!” which I did not understand the meaning at the time. Until the New Year (2011) when there was the live conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Master talked about the blessing on humans from everything around us. I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for giving me the opportunity to learn and to know my own inner Buddha. Sometimes I’ll be struggling with something in life and then I’ll have a meditation and it’ll just come to me. The lesson will be solved during meditation. When I meditate, I experience Light. Spiritual Light, inner Light and it’s very powerful, very beautiful. Because it carries wisdom with it. It comes from a higher source, and it brings you up to that source. The inner Sound and Light is really the true teaching of Supreme Master Ching Hai. Master Ching Hai, you’re doing so much for everyone. And so I just want to say thank you for everything, because that’s the only way that I can cover it all. And I love you very much. Recently, I worked with the food preparation team for “The Real Love” musical event. While working, I pondered the question, what is “the real love” and how can I put it into action in daily life. And I truly realized that it’s the organic vegan diet. Because we have many problems in the world, such as famine, food shortage, many unidentified diseases, and wars. And the fundamental solution to them is the organic vegan diet, just as many experts and studies indicate. Therefore, Master put forth the organic vegan diet as a concrete means to put the real love into action, and I think of this very often. I wish Master health always and wish the golden age will be realized quickly and that we’ll live in that age together. Thank you! In May 1999, during her European lecture tour across 18 countries, Supreme Master Ching Hai made a humanitarian trip to Armenia, where she met with dignitaries, made personal visits to orphanages and other sites, and donated at least US$250,000 toward various causes. Immediately after the lecture, Supreme Master Ching Hai left to visit earthquake stricken regions. I and a few other Association members who were visiting Armenia met Supreme Master Ching Hai and together we visited nursing homes and orphanages where we witnessed expressions of her grand unconditional love. I have seen how wholeheartedly she was hugging elderly people, giving them hope and personally presenting each of them with gifts. I have witnessed how Master lovingly treated children in orphanages and talked to them, giving each child a present. In turn, the children were dancing, singing and reciting poetry for our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. I have never in my life seen such a boundless expression of love and I was emotional the entire time. I remember one of the officials accompanying Supreme Master conveyed to us, “I do not know what is happening with me, it has only been three days since I’ve met this fabulous lady and I’ve felt totally transformed, I speak with everyone with an abundance of love. Believe me I am very coarsely spoken, both at home and with my employees, but since meeting Supreme Master Ching Hai I speak with everyone only lovingly and everyone is very pleasantly surprised, so am I.” On this occasion of Teachers’ Day I would like to say Happy Teachers’ Day to our Beloved Teacher and wish her great health, strength, energy, and all of the infinite blessings of the universe. Actually all of us have to be teachers. For the children’s sake and for them to learn from us, and for us to learn from the sages of old and new about the ideal lifestyle for humankind, so that we can pass it on to our children, we can draw from the exemplary lives of the sages who practiced the compassionate way of life. We are the children of God, no? So to go back to be the children of God again, it’s so easy. The two things to do: physical and spiritual. Physical: clean ourselves by turning back to the compassionate lifestyle, God-like lifestyle, Heaven-like lifestyle. No harming, no killing others. Secondly, spiritual. We have to find that Guide, the Guide that knows, the friend or teacher, whatever you call him or her, a Guide, who has already been enlightened, who already sees the Light. You are that Light. You are that God quality. And there’s also the Music of the spheres. You can hear forever and it will soothe your troubles, heal your bodies, enlighten your souls, make you closer and closer to God. On this World Teacher’s Day, we join in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai, a Teacher for the world who not only offers true knowledge of the universe but also affects our hearts profoundly with your love and compassion. Blessed are we to learn from you. We most sincerely wish you an abundance of joy, youthfulness and divine strength so that your beautiful dream of peace for all will soon come true. To the noble teachers in all fields of life, our appreciation for your bringing about an ever brighter future through the lives you so caringly touch. May the Providence bless you as you continue your most honorable work. Kind viewers, it was a pleasure having your company today. Now, please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television for Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living, after Noteworthy News. Blessed be your courageous and selfless heart.