DeStorm - Her POV

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Remember to Like and Add to Favorites. RT this video. ******* get it on iTunes: ******* Thank you everyone who showed love for me winning my first American Music Award this weekend. I love you and will continue to bring the heat. Let's turn the music industry upside down. #TeamDeStorm Starring DeStorm Power - *******www.twitter****/DeStorm Wendi Cakes - *******www.twitter****/WendiCakes Romany Malco - ***********/TijuanaJackson Director Ethan Newberry - ***********/thesampler Producer Owen HIll Jr. - ***********/OwenHIllJr Lyrics verse 1 baby take a sit here, how'd we even get here? These lies eventually tire, and you promised me a good year you telling' me I'm so bad spitting game all in my good ear claiming we goin build something together huh? (IKEA) in the beginning we were winning I called you up you'd be down for whatever, wherever and now never be around treat me like a polka dot cuz I'm spotting now used to text for the sex when my visitors in town, but now? all we do is yell and fight and why I gotta touch myself at night got the nerve to come home smelling like, BOOTY let me tell it right (there aint no other chick) fuck that bitch and I aint even the jealous type is that the same ho that you met on Skype? or down in Brooklawn with your friends that night? why am I so tight? I'm just real but why you buying helmets if you aint playing the field? Hook if i would have known then everything I know now we'd be making up, shit be going down we wouldn't even be arguing kill the arguments I see her point of view her point of view her point of view her point of view and we spend too much time complaining and not enough time explaining and now that I can see through your eyes when you cry I can recognize your pain and point of view her point of view her point of view her point of view verse 2 yo guess what? Karen called I guess that was your hot date and if you're innocent then why is your phone on vibrate Rebecca said she saw your car in the parking lot at Friday's I guess that would make you a smooth operator huh, Sade' so there's 10 guys with benzes with the same custom rims and the same fuckin tints shaded to 45 percent that just happened to be on the block near the school that you went but you left your Facebook open and told you dudes that you went and i though this was something that we both cherished and it's scary cuz I seen it going all the way to marriage and that's just sad how can I face friends without being embarrassed? I know you cheating but I still can't find the courage I'm repeating myself guess I'm the parrot 2 years and I'm still putting up wit your shit time for me to be the bird on some up and go shit My Facebook: *******www.facebook****/destormpower Snail Mail P.O. Box 964 North Hollywood, CA 91603 My iPhone, iPod, iPad App: *******tinyurl****/DeStormApp Also available on the Android platform. Go to the Android market and type "DeStorm" DeStorm - Her POV DeStorm - Her POV DeStorm - Her POV