Bad Dog!!! (Parody of "Rag Doll" by Aerosmith)

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Watch on YouTube: ***********/watch?v=gnkmZNtN98k Sorry sounds out of sync in the beginning....
Watch on YouTube: ***********/watch?v=gnkmZNtN98k Sorry sounds out of sync in the beginning. Like this video if you think they're badder than the bad cat, whoever gets more will be deemed badder. Feat Jackson whose even badder than my dogs. Lyrics: Bad dog, eating all the food-y! Bad dog, sniffing people's booties! Bad dog, I always see you pooping on the golf kart! Bad! Bad dog, you ate all the treaties! Bad dog, barking while I'm sleeping! Bad dog, would you please stop peeing by the front door! Bad! Pepper, your being a bad boy! Zoë, your being a bad girl! You're ripping up my high tops! I'm gonna throw away your chew toy! At night your barking real loud! So at 12 noon your still knocked out! Fight each other til you both scream! I know better than to feed you beans! Pepper says "the love is all mine"! Zoë says "the food is all mine"! Pep's a sissy Zoë is too thick-y Chew up that groundhog until it's put outta its misery! Bad dog, stepping on my foot-y! Bad dog, licking people's booties! Bad dog, you see an old lady and attack her! Bad! Bad dog, randomly start sneezing! Bad dog, chased the Lamborghini! Bad dog, would you please stop peeing in your food bowl! Bad! Yes, I'm moving! So would you move it! Up howling at the moonlight! Goin crazy when it's food time! If there's poopin! You rub your neck in it! Drop the Frisbee! Can't play cause I'm busy! You see another dog and start barking so loud it kills me! Bad dog, watching Scooby Dooby! Bad dog, you'll never be that groovy! Bad dog, puppy eyes don't work on me, it's my food! Bad! Bad dog, you want out, but it's freezing! Bad dog, your pen really needs cleaning! Bad dog, would you please stop peeing on my pillow! Bad dog, you're being very rude-y! Bad dog, attacked our uncle Louie! Bad dog, is it that hard to cut back on the slobber! Bad! Bad dog, you're prone to tick season! Bad dog, you picked up lots of fleas, man! Bad dog, would you please stop peeing on the Bad Cat! Do you think you're badder, do you think you're badder than the Bad Cat...Nah!