Haywire Movie Review by Keith Kelly

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*******www.innovativecommunications.tv Finally, a female action star who can really kick ass! I’m Keith Ke...
*******www.innovativecommunications.tv Finally, a female action star who can really kick ass! I’m Keith Kelly, and my review of “Haywire” starring mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano is coming up right now. Imagine James Bond, mixed with Jason Bourne-but only as a woman. Then imagine that character being set-up and on the run. That’s the basic premise of director Steven Soderbergh’s classy retro action flick-“Haywire”. This is a solid, no nonsense espionage thriller with lots of bone crunching action, double and triple crosses, and cool, stylish characters. All the spy stuff in the movie is just an excuse to showcase acting newcomer Carano’s fighting prowess. The plot is a bit confusing and pretty shallow when you break it down-but that doesn’t matter so much-it’s enough to watch Carano as Mallory Kane taking on all the obstacles in her path. The action scenes alone are worth the price of admission. They seem to be fought by real people governed by real laws of physics, and you can actually tell what is going on-blow by blow. My biggest complaint with many modern fight sequences is their rapid fire editing, which often leaves you scratching your head over who is hitting whom. Not so in this film. While not a seasoned actress, Carano brings a solid intensity to her character. Director Soderbergh smartly surrounds her with much more seasoned pros, such as, Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas and Michael Fassbinder. He lets the powerful ensemble do most of the talking and acting, and leaves Gina to kick their heads in. “Haywire” has a 1970’s look and sound to it, and Soderbergh’s stylistic touches help elevate this generic story into an enjoyable, lightweight piece of globe-trotting espionage, earning it a grade of “B”. I’m Keith Kelly. Like to get your business on the map with online video, but don’t know where to start? Contact Keith Kelly at Innovative Communications-he’ll help effectively tell your story effectively with a video that gets results. Http://www.innovativecommunications.tv