Newsy Now: February 6 (1530 GMT)

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(Image Source: HLN) BY HARUMENDHAH HELMY ANCHOR NATHAN BYRNE This is Newsy Now, and here are your la...
(Image Source: HLN) BY HARUMENDHAH HELMY ANCHOR NATHAN BYRNE This is Newsy Now, and here are your latest headlines. In world news, Greece might have missed yet another deadline to reach a deal with its international lenders today. But a spokesperson denies the government even had a deadline. The Greek debt talks are at an impasse as lawmakers could not agree on the required austerity measures. CNBC explains what’s at stake. Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: “This is a country that needs to borrow every single day, in order to function.” Becky Quick: “How much?” Caruso-Cabrera: “Half a billion a week, they need, just to keep running...” Still in world news, Syrian troops launched fresh attacks at the city of Homs on Monday. The AP says they struck a makeshift medical clinic and residential areas. This, after Russia and China vetoed a United Nations resolution that would back the removal of President Bashar al-Assad from power. Sky News reports from near the beleaguered city. “There’s no idea on how many people have been hurt. We know it’s a lot — the estimates vary, but there’s currently 75 to 100 confirmed.” In U.S. news, a new poll shows President Barack Obama leading GOP front runner Mitt Romney in a hypothetical general election. The ABC News/Washington Post poll sees Obama with 51 percent of the votes, and Romney trailing with 45 percent. But ABC News reports - other poll numbers show, when it comes to the economy, Romney leads. “And Mitt Romney, even though he trails Obama, is trusted more to handle the economy by a narrow margin, 48 to 45. And when it comes to trusting to create jobs, same thing, 47%, 45%. Romney with a slight edge.” In entertainment news, NBC is apologizing for rapper M.I.A.’s middle-finger salute at the Super Bowl halftime show Sunday night. The rapper performed alongside Madonna and Nicki Minaj. The network says its delay system didn’t catch M.I.A.’s flip-off until it was too late. HLN says – you gotta feel bad for Madonna. “She had been rehearsing for months leading up to this. And now, all we’re talking about, instead of an amazing performance, was M.I.A giving the middle finger to the camera and in my opinion, a terrible move for M.I.A.” Stay with Newsy for more news analyses throughout the day. For Newsy Now, I’m Nathan Byrne, highlighting the top headlines, making you smarter, faster.