Friday Night Lights (2004): Final Match 3

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The clip final match 3 from Friday Night Lights (2004) Go, Cowboys.! Yeah! Whoo! All day long, baby. All ...
The clip final match 3 from Friday Night Lights (2004) Go, Cowboys.! Yeah! Whoo! All day long, baby. All day long. That's it. Oh, yeah. You're gonna have to wake up. You understand me? Yes, sir. Are you gonna let the offense do everything, or are you gonna help us out some? I'm gonna help us. You gonna help us out some? Okay. You gonna have to keep them out of the end zone 'cause if they score more than we do, we lose the game, 'kay? Right. All right? So "wake up.!" It's been all Carter here in the first quarter. Carter over 161 yards already, and Panthers minus 21. "Winchell is trying"... Comer stopped at the line again.! Great grandma's drawers! I can't believe that! Winchell's downed again.! Right now I don't know if we need to worry so much about the scores, just whether or not we'll be able to take all these boys home. "Permian's offensive line is being"... What in the world are you doing? Did you see that? Did you see that? Back up, Coach. He almost killed him! Clay, this game is quickly spiraling out of control. At some point you worry about the safety of the kids. Tell you what. The Panthers came into this ball game really fired up. Right now they've got the wind just knocked out of'em. You've got to get your head in the game. Are you in the game? Yes, sir. You have to wake up out there! Yes, sir! Five minutes left to play in a half that's been all Carter. They lead 18-nothing. Third and one on the Permian 40. Come on, Preacher! Whitaker with a pro set in shotgun. Looking once again to throw the ball. Gotta come off it. Let's go! McCleery's comin'on the zone blitz. Robert Whitaker will look to throw. Looking right. Ball is in the air. "And it's picked offby"... And I'm pretty sure the Preacher Man is headed for the promised land. He may take this one all the way.! "He clears"... Yeah! Finally a spark oflife in the form of Ivory Christian.! Whitaker has taken him down.! Inside the Mojo's 5.! We've got plenty of time to get in this game.