The Book That Changed the World - KJB

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The King James Version has driven the making of the English speaking world over the last 400 years, often i...
The King James Version has driven the making of the English speaking world over the last 400 years, often in the most unanticipated ways. Melvyn Braggs travels to historic locations in the UK and USA where the King James Bible has had a deep impact, including Gettysburg and the American Civil War and Washington's Lincoln Memorial, the site of Martin Luther King's famous speech. While many think our modern world is founded on secular ideals, it is in fact the King James Version which had a greater legacy. The King James Bible not only influenced the English language and its literature more than any other book, it was also the seedbed of western democracy, the activator of radical shifts in society such as the abolition of the slave trade, the debating dynamite for brutal civil wars in Britain and America and a critical spark in the genesis of modern science. The King James Bible was the original Textbook in our schools, it made our country great. Removing it, and prayers from our schools has been the downfall of our society. I mean some people only made it thru school because of prayer. "Please God, let me make a 72 on this test,... all I need is a 72,... amen". Just reading the King James Bible increases a persons reading level 5 to 6 grades. The moral degradation of our society can be directly linked the the perversion of the word of God in 1881, when the two occultist, romanist, hereticks, Westcott and Hort, altered the Greek Text and created the devilish Revised Version. Satans Roman Catholic Church had been trying to steal back the minds of the people away from the truth and back into the spiritual blindness of the Mystery Religion for over 300 years. In these days we reside, we are witnessing the falling away from the the true faith prophesied in God's word. Bible Agnostics work tirelessly for their master Satan, trying to convince the world that any Bible is better than the one true word of God, the Holy Bible (Aka KJB). There is a great conspiracy among those who profess to know God, but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. The facts stand firm, we know the word of God by its fruit... and all other versions are abominable. Once a person gets a hold of this truth, their eyes are opened up to all manner of spiritual deceptions and wickedness. They begin to take up the Sword of the Spirit, and join the battle against lies and spiritual wickedness in high places. Just as atheists are in denial of the truth of God's existence, because they suppress it in unrighteousness. Bible Agnostics are in denial of God's preserved words, because they despise the Idea of a final authority above themselves. They suppress the truth of God's preserved word in pride and unrighteousness, and arrogantly contend against the truth, causing more and more people to fall into deception and logical absurdity. There is only one group of people in this world who Believe the promise of God, and can direct you to his Book. Don't fall victim to the original lie of Satan,.... "Yea, hath God said?". We can both know what God said, and obey him. Don't set yourself up as the judge of God and his word, because in doing so you set yourself up for a great fall. You build your house on the shifting sand of doubt and uncertainty,... a constantly changing perversion of the truth. Please visit my facebook page, I have collected Audio Sermons, Videos, and written several Notes. Become a fan by clicking the like button! *******www.facebook****/Sword0fTheSpirit