Police Arrest First Suspect in Videotaped Gay Beating

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(Image Source: WSB-TV) BY KYLIE MCGIVERN Atlanta Police have arrested one of three suspects in the v...
(Image Source: WSB-TV) BY KYLIE MCGIVERN Atlanta Police have arrested one of three suspects in the videotaped beating of a 20-year-old gay man. 18-year-old Christopher Cain is one of the attackers in this video that went viral. The young men, who call themselves part of the “Jack City” gang, ambushed Brandon White and repeatedly yelled an anti-gay slur. Here’s CNN with White’s take on the attack. “I feel as though I should have justice. Because those guys didn’t feel my pain. They didn’t care whether or not I was injured. I could have died that day.” Reports say police charged Cain with aggravated assault and robbery. HLN reports this crime is more than an isolated incident. KEITH BOYKIN: “I think we have a culture in our society that says homophobia is still tolerable - whether you’re a TV commentator, whether you’re a football player...” JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL: “Look, it’s in the movies everywhere. ‘That’s so gay,’ people say it all the time.” But as the Georgia Voice reports, State Rep. Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta) is trying to bring change. At a rally held in honor and support of White, Rashad announced his plans to introduce a state hate crimes bill -- a direct response to the attack. "We have a federal hate crimes law. But there's no law here in Georgia that says its a crime to beat a man because he is gay, no law in Georgia that says it a crime to beat someone because they're Jewish, because they are a lesbian, because they're black, because they don't look like you … We've got to get back that here in this state." Congressman and Civil Rights Activist John Lewis also spoke at the rally, which was held the same day police arrested Cain. WGCL reports... Congressman and Civil Rights Activist JOHN LEWIS: “We cannot discriminate against someone because that person happens to be straight or gay. We are all one people, we are family, we are brothers and sisters.” Police say they’ve identified two other suspects, but the men have not been arrested, nor their names released.