J2 // Dynamite (Gag Reels)

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:::: Please Read :::: Watch in HD, cause it is so much better! Thanks. Backup Account: *******www.youtube*...
:::: Please Read :::: Watch in HD, cause it is so much better! Thanks. Backup Account: *******www.youtube****/user/wickysyt#p/a This is something I started yesterday and finished today. I heard the song, watched the Season 5 Gag reel and "over sudden" I HAD TO do it! Unfortunately (and I'm still a little pissed) my editing programms couldn't work with the Season 5 Gag reel for some reason . I can watch it, and it says it's an avi file but SV and WMM are creating only the audio track. :-/ I didn't found out yet why. But as soon as I find out what's wrong, I'm going to make another gag reel vid for sure. In case I find a cool song. These days almost everyone is creating something like this... and I can't blame anyone. *lol* The Gag reels of Supernatural are the best out there. I can't remember any other Gag reel I've seen so far funnier! I crack up everytime! *lol* I would like to give A BIG shoutout at Lisa (DevilDears): *haha* I guess you didn't expect that, hu? Thank you so much, for your will to help me!! Even though it didn't work out like we wished it would. But you did help me and I'm so greatful. We don't know each other that long but I hope this will make you laugh and that you can enjoy it. So, have some fun watching this! *hugs you* :) She's to find here: *******www.youtube****/user/DevilDears#p/a Information (also mentioned at the end of the video): Summary: "We gonna light it up like it's dynamite!" Fandom: Supernatural Gag reels (Season 1 - 4) Song: Dynamite Artist: Taio Cruz Thanks for watching! :) Comments are ♥!