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*******www.frommindtomatter****/ What you think dictates the actions you take and the results you get in yo...
*******www.frommindtomatter****/ What you think dictates the actions you take and the results you get in your life. A lot of our thinking goes on unconsciously in the back of mind, we may suddenly get and idea that came from nowhere at a time when we were concentrating on something totally different and unrelated to it. It`s like when you suddenly just come out and say "i could really eat a doughnut" or insert whatever you want in it`s place. That idea may have come when you were watching TV or occupied with something else, so where did it come from? Your unconscious mind is working 24 hours a day it never sleeps, that`s why you dream even though you are technically unconscious and out of it. This part of your mind tries to control you, it urges you to continue with bad habits and things that are negative for you. On the flip side it can also drive you on to become very successful in areas such as your health, wealth and relationships. The key is to understand how it works, when you know how something works you can use it to it`s maximum potential, you can get the best from it. They never taught us about our mind in School, it`s a real shame because when you understand what it is capable of you will be amazed at the possibilities which will then be available to you. We are all a reflection of what is inside our mind, we can only take out what we have put in. It`s like a bank, the more you deposit the more you can withdraw. When you put the right stuff in and use your unconscious mind to work with it, amazing ideas will pop into your mind. You can effortlessly quit bad habits and also create new positive ones. Being wealthy, healthy and happy is just a matter of state of mind. When you know how to think you will immediately start acting in a positive way relative to that thinking. It is then inevitable that your results will positive ones, the kind that will see you moving forward in life, making real progress. It is then you will be able to take things From Mind to Matter. Please take a look at my site, over the next few weeks I will be adding videos and articles related to positive thinking and the understanding of our minds and human nature.