Arrest Angelina Jolie For War Crimes: Kony 2012

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Angelia Jolie openly works for the UN and CFR pushing globalist wars under the cover of humanitarian interv...
Angelia Jolie openly works for the UN and CFR pushing globalist wars under the cover of humanitarian intervention. Drunk on the blood of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and scores of other nations Jolie is now pushing military invasion to "help" Africa. She and her masters know full well that they are carrying out destabilization operations in the 3rd world so population can be reduced and resources stolen. We need to call a spade a spade, this is part of a new branding rollout to launch a AFRICOM take over of Africa. This constitutes a crime against humanity and Jolie is a party to it and needs to be arrested along with other globalist that are using left cover to widen globalist empire. The problem is you can't go to the UN because it is at the center of the corporate global government takeover, the people are asleep and wars are being launched against innocents in the name of a bleeding heat liberal agenda. THEY COME IN PEACE! *******www.infowars****/ ******* ********twitter****/#!/RealAlexJones *******www.facebook****/AlexanderEmerickJones [Evidence] - USAID/OTI Uganda Quarterly Report] ******* [Relationship with the CIA] *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/United_States_Agency_for_International_Development#Controversies_and_criticism [CIA uses USAID as cover] *******www.ipresscenter****/content.php/441-CIA-uses-USAID-as-cover [Instrument of CIA] ******* [Military Bars "Pro-democracy" Employees From Leaving Egypt] *******www.infowars****/military-bars-pro-democracy-employees-from-leaving-egypt/ [supporters have been scrubbed from the internet] *******invisible.tumblr****/tag/usaid/ [Globalist Warlord Obama Moves to Expand Africom Reach] *******www.infowars****/globalist-warlord-obama-moves-to-expand-africom-reach/ [LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009] *******www.theresolve****/lra-disarmament-and-northern-uganda-recovery-act-of-2009 [Obama dispatches 100 troops to Africa] *******content.usatoday****/communities/theoval/post/2011/10/obama-dispatches-100-troops-to-uganda/1#.T1zS9MypPn4 [Wayne Madsen reported the U.S. had major listening stations in Uganda's Ruwenzori Mountains] *******www.africaresource****/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=252:clinton-the-military-and-western-corporations-support-and-finance-terror&catid=36:essays-a-discussions&Itemid=346&limitstart=1 [United States Africa Command ] *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/United_States_Africa_Command Kony 2012 is but another piece of slick propaganda designed to tug on the heart strings -- and the purse strings -- of ignorant Americans who are clueless about the real reasons why the globalists are now moving into Africa in a big way. Invisible Children's connections to USAID and thus the CIA should put the effort in context. Africa is one of several targets prized by the globalists as they move to grab vital natural resources, consolidate power and unleash their monetary enslavement and world totalitarian government end game around the globe.