BackupBuddy Review - Best WordPress Backup Plugin

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***********/watch?v=hKUsrTjT4wU Hey, tell me about BackupBuddy. Is it good for WordPress bac...
***********/watch?v=hKUsrTjT4wU Hey, tell me about BackupBuddy. Is it good for WordPress backup? Well, if you maintain a WordPress blog and value your content you need to have a backup; otherwise, it’s like driving a car without a spare tire… Bad things happen – websites got hacked, infected with malware, corrupted, sometimes you unintentionally mess things up but it shouldn’t paralyze or stop your business and BackupBuddy is one of the best WordPress backup plugins. Is it only for database backup? No. Backup Buddy allows you backup your entire WordPress install – images, self-hosted videos, theme files, plugins and any other customizations that you have made to your site. You can schedule you backups and BackupBuddy then will send them to secure remote destination like Amazon S3, DropBox, Rackspace Cloud or any other server. You can also clone your WordPress blog to another domain or reverse any changes by restoring from backup file. Well, it sure looks like powerful WordPress backup plugin, where I can learn more? Check out link in the description below it has all the information you need: all the pros and cons, even free plugin to test if BackupBuddy will work with your hosting. Just visit link in the description below. *******