Sun Tracking Solar Panel

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Model No: 192 With the impending scarcity of many valuable resources, people are now starting to consider o...
Model No: 192 With the impending scarcity of many valuable resources, people are now starting to consider other means or sources of energy. While there have been many studies on the viability of wind or water energy, when it comes to an easy transportable energy solution, solar energy is now the major contender since it is the easiest to collect energy from. All you will ever need is a trusty solar panel. At this point in humankind's existence, most of the energy that many households consume is gathered from the numerous power plants that are then powered by fossil fuels. Fossil fuels unfortunately are nearing their extinction and becoming more and more expensive to source and this is why we're faced with rising electric bills each month. Not only is it an expensive resource, but it also contributes negatively to the environment. The gas that are emitted by the major power plants cause such a harmful effect on our environment that we are now facing a much bigger problem called global warming. So with all these problems, it is about time to capitalize more on developing energy from the sun. Solar energy is free as the sun is a free resource that anyone can take advantage of. And it is readily available since anyone can have access to it. The main objective of this project is to track the sun and rotate the solar panel accordingly, to receive sunlight to the fullest extent always during the day time. This movement is achieved by interfacing a stepper motor to the solar panel( a dummy solar panel is given in the project) that changes its direction according to the positioning of the sun. This is achieved using time reference that controls the movement time for 12 hours by a program written in such a way that for every given time the solar panel faces to the sun to generate maximum power which is stored in batteries and future use. This procedure is better than light sensing, as it malfunctions in cloudy and rainy seasons. For more details visit www.efxkits**** or www.facebook****/edgefx