Google+ New Look, Facebook Timeline Apps, & Tribes Ascend

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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/google-new-look-facebook-timeline-apps-tribes-ascend-jtwebman-70/ In a littl...
*******www.jtwebman****/shows/google-new-look-facebook-timeline-apps-tribes-ascend-jtwebman-70/ In a little social media news, Google+ changed up their look. Are people still using it? I know I use it but I have noticed it slowing down. I have to say I am not a fan of the change but it might be better than what they had before. First I don’t use the chat so why take up the right side for a feature that might or might not be being used? Second the center content is pushed to the left. So on smaller screens it probably looks ok but on my big 24 inch monitor it looks bad as you can see here. But Google is doing the right things as they made $10.65 billion for the quarter and that’s up 24 percent from last year. ***********/watch?v=A3Atj57r15U In a little app development news, Viddy, UStream, StumbleUpon and even Digg have seem to boost their new signups and interaction with building apps for the new Facebook timeline. Now I have to say I am still not a fan of the time line, it can be very powerful and has a lot of data but it makes the pages confusing and filled with way too much, but that’s old news and just my opinion. What it does for applications like Viddy which a video sharing app for the iPhone and UStream which is a live video sharing website is getting a them a huge bump in interactions. Companies are calling it the “Timeline Bumb” so that good news for apps and if you don’t have a timeline app and have a app you might want to think about it. I wonder if I could make a Wordpress Plugin Timeline App? In some gaming news Tribes Ascend was released today. Basically it’s a free first person shooter much like Halo. I only played around in practice but it looks like a fun game. So if you are into first person shooters you should check it out. I might even do a few gaming videos showing it off. ***********/watch?v=O-70Bg2zRsg Join me in Tribes:Ascend by signing up now! My player name is "JTWebMan". Click here to get started for FREE: ********account.hirezstudios****/tribesascend/?referral=1973543&utm_campaign=email Video of the Week is Caine's Arcade: ***********/watch?v=faIFNkdq96U