Tupac Back, CISPA the New SOPA, Reed Hastings Rants on Comcast

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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/tupac-back-from-the-grave-cispa-the-new-sopa-reed-hastings-rants-on-comcast-jtwebman-71/ Over the weekend it looks like they brought back Tupac on the stage at Coachella. Tupac Coachella: *******www.youtube****/watch?v=DQgrce1VflI They used a hologram where the images were built from other live performances he had done before his death in 1996. The internet is 50/50 on if they like this or not but it seems like most think it was a little weird but would go see live events where other died artists were holograms as well. I know I would go see Michael Jackson or John Lennon or even someone really old like Mozart but how about you would you pay money to go to a live event that was a hologram? Ok so I was joking a little on the intro CISPA as it isn’t totally like SOPA and PIPA as it’s not about piracy or privacy issues but the bills share similarities in that it raises red flags with digital rights. The language of CISPA is vague, broad and leaves much open for interpretation, which is not good for us as the government will push it to it’s limits. CISPA would amend the current law and allow the private sector and government to share information. Now it doesn’t require the private companies to share the information but if and once it’s shared it could be passed to anyone. They are relaxed on what cybersecurity provider means as well just saying, “goods and services intended to be used for cyber security purposes.” You might be saying what does that mean. Your guess is as good as mine. In short it could allow companies to pass your history or any information between them and the US government without a warrant or any due process. I’ll put a link down below and let you read it, that way you can get what you want from it and see how vague they are: *******www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/hr3523/text It has passed the committee and looks like it’s going to get amended before going to the floor of the congress on April 23rd, 2012. Don’t be surprised to hear more about it and if you are against it like I am then please call and write your congressman and tell them to vote no on the bill. Reed Hastings the CEO of Netflix went on a rant yesterday in a Facebook post. He said Comcast was not using net neutrality when it came to network bandwidth caps. He pointed out if you watch a show using Comcast’s Xfinity service it doesn’t count towards your cap but that watching Netflix or Hulu would count. I can see why he is mad about it but think if you watch a show using a cable box it would be the same so I am not sure if that really counts. What do you guys think is it not net neutrality? Reed Hastings Facebook post: ********www.facebook****/reed1960/posts/10150706947044584 YouTuber of the week is Raychul Moore. You can follow here here: *******www.youtube****/user/RaychulMoore/ ********twitter****/#!/theRaychul Also please vote for her here: *******maximgamergirl****/Raychul