Evacuated Tube Transport & Dick Clark RIP - JTWebMan #72

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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/evacuated-tube-transport-dick-clark-rip-jtwebman-72/ For those that have not...
*******www.jtwebman****/shows/evacuated-tube-transport-dick-clark-rip-jtwebman-72/ For those that have not heard Dick Clark past away this week at 82. He was most known for hosting American Bandstand and a host on a bunch of game shows. I want to dedicate this show to Dick Clark, you are an inspiration to all that broadcast, you will be remembered. In some geeky hope to have one day news, Evacuated Tube Transport or ETT for short is a new transport type that has pop back up into the news. ETT basically uses airless vacuum tubes and a frictionless magnetic rail to push these little pods around. These pods can run much faster than trains and use far less energy to get to their destinations. You might be asking well how fast can they go, well in a regional setting like within the state they could get up to 350 mph and across the country or world can get up to 4000 mph. Getting you from New York to LA in 45 minutes and cutting 5 hours off a flight and costing 90% less. Now this isn’t new, it has been around since the early 90’s and even had a patent filed for it in 1997. So I say instead of going to the moon lets build this! Now don’t take this the wrong way I think going back to the moon is cool though Mars would be even cooler but with the US at over 15.5 trillion dollars in debt. Which by the way is over $50,000 dollars per person in the US. We might want to spend it on something that we know has a direct impact on making us more productive and making more money to pay off the debt. Though shoot what am I think just close the US foreign bases and pull out of all these meaningless wars and we could afford to send man to the moon again or mars. Ok sorry about the rant, what would be even better would be for a railroad company, since they have the real estate, to pick it up or any private company. This way it creates real jobs not government ones and would be more likely to be on budget and making money. *******www.youtube****/watch?v=McpWcn-1RZU What do you guys think, I know I would love it, leave a comment below. And on this note this news items was given to me by a view. He actually was in the same graduating class as me in High School, thanks Seth. If you guys find geeky news please send it my way via twitter, Google+, Facebook or *******www.jtwebman****. I love geeky news and there is so much out there that I sometimes miss it. Same goes for cool videos. I am only one man so if you see a cool video let me know. Video Of the Week: Since the last show was so long I figured I make this a short one so we will skip to the my favorite segment on the show and that is the video of the week. It looks like now that Facebook bought Instagram they might make a movie about it. Check it out... *******www.youtube****/watch?v=UN1qzNgadh8