Review: Power Rangers Samurai - 4" Wave 1

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Written Review: *******ridersrangersandrambles****/?p=2276 I finally found these at Target after a sma...
Written Review: *******ridersrangersandrambles****/?p=2276 I finally found these at Target after a small hunt, actually being much shorter and more reasonable then my hunt for the MMPR figures last year. I wasn't going to get these at first, as I was originally very off put by the SIC like designs BoA had given the Rangers. Besides the rumor that these were molds Bandai was going to use before Saban bought back the franchise and created Samurai, it makes no sense why Bandai would go on a limb and give us non-show-accurate figures in Wave 1 of the series. That STILL bothers me, but I purchased them with an open mind, and I'm honestly glad I did. Keep in mind that I use a lot of Shinkenger terms in the review, as the only American terms we know right now are "Samuraizer" and "Fire Smasher." Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like these figures. I'm a sucker for screen accuracy, and I was originally really turned off by the designs and the figures themselves. Finally owning them, I can safely say that I do actually enjoy them. They come off as a very SIC Kiwami Tamashii like take on the Shinkengers, and I guess I can respect that. The mouth plate still bothers me, but I can ignore them, as they are quite tiny in the first place. I have to respect Bandai for bringing some nicely sculpted, painted, and detailed 3.75" figures to the table, and they are indeed a huge improvement over the MMPR figures in terms of proportions, weapons, and sculpt in general. If you MUST HAVE ACCURACY, then wait and see if they make spandex clad versions for Wave 2, get the unarticulated multi-pack versions, or spend a bunch of money and get the S.H.Figuarts form Japan. For those of you that love Shinkenger or Samurai, and can respect a new take on a favorite design, you'll love these figures. You can find them at Target and Walmarts as of this review. --- Check me out on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/home.php#!/pages/ShukuenShinobi/153637404648202?ref=ts Check out my Personal Channel at: ***********/ShinobiCreative Check out my Flickr Photostream at: ***********/photos/shukuenshinobi Check out my Wordpress Blog at: *******shukuenshinobi.wordpress**** Ask me anything at: ******* Follow me at: *******www.twitter****/ShukuenShinobi Check out Riders, Rangers, & Rambles here: *******www.ridersrangersandrambles**** Enjoy! Please like, comment, and subscribe!