Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Shodophone 侍戦隊シンケンジャー ショドウフォン

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Finally! After being asked non-stop about my opinion of the're about to hear it! For the ...
Finally! After being asked non-stop about my opinion of the're about to hear it! For the 2009 Super Sentai Series Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Toei decided once again to go with the Cell Phone concept as a Henshin Device. While this was a total bummer to hear at first, when I saw grainy spy shots of the toy sheets...I was intrigued. Months later I actually got my Shodo Phone and the opinions...they came to me. First, the design is great. The colors are much less bland than the Go Phone from Go-onger. There is quite a bit going on. You have a keypad, a screen (henshin.jpg hahahah) with a menu, and the camera on the pack is pretty neat looking. I also like the face of the phone which features a small clock (which read 20:09) and the bold text that says "SHODO PHONE ST-33 DIGITAL CHANGER". That's a nice little touch. When folded over to the calligraphy brush mode, the brush pops out of the top of the phone. Much like last year with the Engine Souls, this phone has it's Batteries already included. The sounds are pretty cool too. There are On-Off, Call, Henshin, Origami, and key sounds. The Henshin Brushstroke sound goes on for quite awhile unless you pretty the call button to initiate the Henshin sound in brush mode. On the downside...the paint quality is pretty lousy. Just through making my review of the toy, there is some pretty significant paintwear on the edges. This being a pretty physical toy, it's hard to imagine a well-played Shodophone keeping it's paint for very long. Another big complaint several people have told me is about the right side of the keypad. The five "buttons" on the right are basically raised plastic with the numbers painted on. I don't really have a problem with this, but many people do. The details all around are great. Definitely much better than what Bandai gave us last year with the Go-onger Changers. We really haven't had a solid changer like this since Boukenger...I mean Blowkenger. The Shodo Phone takes it a bit further by having a pretty sweet gimmick to go along with it. It's not everyday that you see a cell phone fold two ways...and turn into a brush... All in all this is definitely one of the best Henshin Devices in quite some time. Time will only tell if the upcoming Sushi Changer for Shinken Gold. This phone has been adapted by Bandai America for Power Rangers Samurai as the Samuraizer. The morpher version is definitely not as detailed as the Shinkenger counterpart. Thanks for watching my review of the Shodophone (or Shodou Phone if you wanna spell it that way). Be sure to check out my Myspace Blog. This week I talk about this jackass who is stealing my videos. Also, I mention once again that I will have a brand new Mecha Video for next week. *******blogs.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=369670221&blogId=481306385 Please make sure you subscribe to my channel! You'll be able to keep up with my channel and all future uploads much more easily! Thanks for watching my review of the Shodophone! See ya next time! P.S. Yes, I own the Shodophone Holder. I will review it later on. P.S.II I will be making my Shinken-oh video this summer. Stay tuned for that.