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*******www.vptax****/ Corporate tax doesn't have to be complex, expensive, and time-consuming. For too lon...
*******www.vptax****/ Corporate tax doesn't have to be complex, expensive, and time-consuming. For too long, the large audit firms have entrenched themselves within companies by promoting the myth that corporate tax issues require long, complex discussion and endless deliberation of arcane points, hypothetical scenarios, and long-term ramifications. All this analysis requires the input of partners, directors, and other high-priced "experts" at the audit firm, often from far-off corners of the world. This culture of complexity ensures the audit firms reap large revenue streams from tax work, while keeping their clients imprisoned in a labyrinth of meetings, bureaucracy, more meetings, lengthy memos to read, meetings, cost, and more meetings! Twenty years ago, VPTax exposed this approach as a wasteful, expensive sham. Since then, we have been helping a growing number of companies with all aspects of their corporate tax, helping them to save money and solve their problems quickly turning tax into a simple, comprehensible function. VPTax Inc. Corporate Headquarters 1014 Lincoln Avenue San Jose, CA 95125 Phone: (408) 278-8370 Email: salesvptax**** VPTax Inc. 1100 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98109 Phone: (206) 923-9311 VPTax Inc. 4111 18th Street, Suite 4 San Francisco, CA 94114 VPTax Inc. 2529 Evening Rock Las Vegas, NV 89135 ----------------------------------------------------- Produced by: Create A Social Buzz SEO & Social Media Management Learn How to Get 100 Customers in 100 Days *******www.createasocialbuzz****/how-to-get-100-customers-in-100-days/