Final Fantasy X-2 : The PERFECT Ending (part I)

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**LINK TO PART 2 HERE:** ***********/watch?v=jisJNu-CJes This is PART I of Final Fantasy X-...
**LINK TO PART 2 HERE:** ***********/watch?v=jisJNu-CJes This is PART I of Final Fantasy X-2's Perfect Ending. You cannot get this ending only with a 100% game completion. You must complete certain tasks to trigger the scene where Bahamut's fayth offers to bring Tidus back. I was only able to get the 100% and perfect ending by playing a NEW GAME PLUS. FYI: You CAN get a NEW GAME PLUS with less than 100% if you've played the game well. After the credits, press X and the screen will show you how well you played the game. If it's good enough, it will say that you get a NEW GAME PLUS. ENJOY!! ******UPDATE****** In ADDITION to having 100% Story Level Completion, here are certain steps you have to complete to get the Perfect Ending: 1) Talk to Maechen EVERY TIME he appears in the game. DO NOT skip over the lines. 2) When Yuna is trapped in the farplane at the end of chapter 3, press "X" continuously to trigger about 4 whistles. Make sure that Yuna has followed Tidus out of the farplane. 3) When you get "Chapter 5 Complete" and the Gullwings are walking through the Farplane Abyss, press "X" to trigger the whistling again. It will trigger a scene with Bahamut's fayth. 4) When Bahamut's fayth offers you the oppertunity to see "him" again, select "Yes!" and sit back and enjoy the ending. _______________________________________ Final Fantasy X-2 ® is a registered trademark of SquareEnix™