Acai Berry - The Untold Story

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Acai Berry - The Untold Story For More Info Visit *******www.amazonpower****.au Transcript: Source of Ne...
Acai Berry - The Untold Story For More Info Visit *******www.amazonpower****.au Transcript: Source of New Hope -- The Crying Fruit How Acai was discovered... Acai is a delicious, small and round Brazilian berry that tastes like a mouth watering blend of berries and chocolate. Acai is rare and can only be found high on top of the Acai palm trees in the Amazon rainforest of South America. For centuries, the indigenous people of the Amazon believe that Açaí has amazing healing and nutritional properties and has revered it as an antidote for many ailments. Acai is so important that it is considered as a blessing by the native tribe people in of Brazil. Legend tells how Acai was discovered and came about as the ultimate food source. There was a time that a certain tribe suffered from extreme food scarcity and the tribe chief, Itaki, had to take action. All he thought of was to mandate a law to save his remaining people. He decreed that no newborns are allowed to live and so it goes to say that no one in their tribe are allowed to bear a child. This law though harsh was aimed to keep their food supply sufficient to feed the rest of the surviving tribe people. But as fate dictated, Itaki's own daughter, Iaca, had borne a child. As tribe chief, he could not go against his own word even if it meant hurting his daughter and killing his grandson. And so, his own grandchild was sentenced to death. With heart full of grief and sorrow, Iaca isolated herself for days and weeks. Until one day, she heard a crying baby. Longing for her child to come back to life, Iaca followed the sound of crying and reached a palm tree abundant with small round fruits. There, she realized that her grieving and sorrow will never come to pass. After some time, she was found peacefully lifeless near the tree. Stricken with his daughter's loss, Itaki named the palm tree in honor of her daughter. Rearranging the letters of Iaca, the crying fruit was named Acai. Since then Acai has become a sustainable and adequate food source for the simple lives of the native tribes of Brazil. It helped them throughout famine and helped the tribe back on its feet. Through time, the Amazon indigenous people learned that Acai has other health benefits making it a very potent food source. They discovered that Acai helped build their immune system and fight infections; making them stronger against diseases that can contracted in the rainforest. They also noticed the difference in their energy when they consume Acai. This great energy they feel each time made them realize the wonders of Acai. Once a rare fruit only found and available in the Amazon, Amazon Power has harnessed all the wonders of the Acai berry and captured it in easy to consume capsules. The power of the Amazon is now readily available for direct delivery to your doorsteps. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information now!