Furla Candy Bag Experience Furla Candy Bag

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*******furlacandybag.blogspot****/2012/07/furla-candy-bag.html Furla Candy Bag - Visit the blog now to expe...
*******furlacandybag.blogspot****/2012/07/furla-candy-bag.html Furla Candy Bag - Visit the blog now to experience the Furla Candy Bag. Here are some reviews on Furla Handbags... "I love this Furla bag. I needed something that could handle everything I like to carry. Yes, my life, both home and work is in my purse. When it arrived I was so happy over its looks but a little taken aback over the fact that it's not the easiest bag to get into! However, if you fold back the the top after you unzip it you get easy access. I have owned Furla bags before and found that they are great at style which this bag has lots of but not always so hot on really easy to use. Again, I love the bag and it works well for me." "I love my Furla candy bag. It gets all the attention. This is my 5th bag. The Furla outlet shipped quick and fast. This is the new showstopper bag." "Absolutely fabulous! Fun, amazing color, easy to carry, holds a bunch, looks really hip and new! You can't stop looking at this bag and being so excited that it is yours! It holds all the stuff you need, but more than that, is a bright, exciting accessory that adds to any outfit! The red is fabulous and anyone on the fence should run not walk to get this bag. Furla has a big winner with these Furla Candy bags and this is no exception. It is a solid red color and your things will not show through. Some of the other Candy bags are translucent but not this one. My only comment would be wishing the top opening was a teeny bit longer but it's not a deal-breaker, for sure. Although I generally like a longer bag, because of the depth and the height of this bag, it does not feel small or "dinky" and certainly does not have a stuffy, uptight look. Very fun purse!" "I love the Furla Candy Bag. It is well made, light weight & a Show Stopper. Everyone want to know where I got it. I have two more, one in Mango & one in Passion Fruit. I love the colors! Every Furla bag I own is an investment. I have never had any regrets after purchasing a Furla. Only two complaints with Zappos. The shipping box was not large enough to ship this bag. I had to stuff the bag with a Speedy shaper pillow to get the proper bag shape back. Second complaint Zappos did not include the Furla Candy Bag rubber hang tag. I contacted Furla online and they sent me one free of charge & at lightning speed." "Giant Barbie Purse...yes! I bought this bag in the Furla sale in pink and neon green (please don't make me have to decide which one I like best). I completely love the color, structure, functionality, material, etc. Price? It's so cute I didn't notice the tag. It is cavernous and will easily hold your goodies plus a 16oz bottle of water! This is the bag for little girls and little girls at heart (I'm 41). Fantasy bag of Spring/Summer 2011!" "LU-HUV this bag! The color is stunning and the look is beautiful. Simple, not too large or too small. Furla has a great bag in this one. Thanks Furla!" "I was in Rome a few weeks ago and I was determined to bring home a great leather bag, but these Furla candy bags were the "it" bag of the season there. They come in every jelly bean color you can imagine plus silver and gold and they are so much fun. Every where I go people compliment me on this bag. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth. They are really fun bags." If you love Furla Candy Bags as much as I do then come on over to my blog where we can share our experiences. *******furlacandybag.blogspot****/2012/07/furla-candy-bag.html