New Fifa 12 - How To Score Long Range Shots (Tutorial)

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***Check these guys for xbox ut coins ***********/user/TheUTcoins*** FIFA 12 TUTORIAL HERE ***********/watch?v=uGk4dGJvjqA&annotation_id=annotation_736725&src_vid=e6_ZdeAx5a8&feature=iv 1st of follow me via twitter and ask me any questions there! *******www.twitter****/antoho11and Same for ps3. Just shoot. Read Below and favourite video 1. for your personal needs and 2. If it works then others will see it ;) Keep reading.... Practice in the arena and in friendly matches. Ball ahead of you and shoot. Nothing else. Just shoot. It sounds daft and simple but none of my friends were doing this. I told a couple of people and they said its amazing so I uploaded tutorial quickly. I think its a simple tutorial which was all that was needed. This can also be done with finnesse shots by only pressing LB once your facing the right direction. Most of you know that one anyway. Using half decent players although I have done this with not so good players too. Dont press LT, RT, Analogue up or down. Just shoot once the ball is enough ahead of the player. Normally if your 20-30 yards out then Half to 3/4 power needed. I found out when dossing around with joshflip1989 in a friendly match. I was being lazy and just tried all different things. I found that when pressing other button upon shoot was less effective than shooting when pressing nothing. Its actually unreal guys once you do it a couple of time. Any questions please comment on the video. I will respond. Share and favourite the video so others can see. Like the video if it worked for you and comments please guys. Thanks