Chelation Therapy and Heavy Metal Poisoning Part 3 (Medicardium)

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*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/medicardium.html Studies have been conducted on the presence of heavy m...
*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/medicardium.html Studies have been conducted on the presence of heavy metals in chronically ill patients and the results have shown that there are often higher levels of aluminum, cadium, arsenic, mercury, and lead in those with recurring conditions. One of these conditions is Candida, or yeast infections. Those heavy metals may in some cases be contributing to the re-occurrence of your infection, so it makes sense that a heavy metal cleanse should be part of the solution for long-term relief. In order to cover all bases, we recommend, if you’re suffering from chronic Candida, that you see a medical professional before you do anything. We know that it is the increased output of Candida in the body that causes the infection, but the heavy metals in your system could be preventing the medication you take for it from being effective. These metals sicken the body and lower the power of the immune system to combat disease. Cleansing them with the right detox product, like Metal-Free, can give you that extra boost you need. Some of the heavy metals we absorb into our bodies are present in the environment, but most of them are part of our lives because of the inventions or habits of human beings. Smoking can lead to higher levels of cadium and arsenic in the bloodstream, even for those breathing it second-hand. Mercury is in the dental fillings in our mouths that were done a few years back, lead was in the paint on our walls if we grew up in an older home, and aluminum is in cooking foil and packaging, items that we use daily which are poisoning us gradually over time. If you are using Threelac or Fivelac to cure a chronic Candida yeast infection, try doing a heavy metal cleanse first to eliminate anything in the bloodstream that might block the medication from working. The combination of the cleansing and the medication should solve your problem, even if you have immunity issues. Add the process to a healthy diet and perhaps some lifestyle modifications like better hygiene and exercise; you’ll see a dramatic difference in not only your regular Candida outbreaks, but in your overall health and perspective on life. *******www.balancedhealthtoday****/products.html