Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Diet Treatment Part 2 (Xeneplex)

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*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/xeneplex.html * We made organic meat a larger part of his diet to help ...
*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/xeneplex.html * We made organic meat a larger part of his diet to help with his cysteine and zinc levels. We usually try to get our nutrients through foods rather than supplements, but in the end we did give my son very small amounts of ground zinc supplements. He doesn't like to eat a lot of meat, so it is hard to get him the RDA of zinc from his regular diet. * I bought organic foods as much as possible. * We limited sugar and any foods with dyes or preservatives as much as possible. According to Sherry Rogers, a doctor who specializes in environmental illness, people who eat lots of junk foods and sweets invariably have lower levels of vitamins and minerals needed to activate the detoxification enzymes. * I found some glazed walnut at the store that my son liked to snack on. Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids , which are supposed to be good for people with MCS * We had always limited his soda intake to parties and other special events, but during his MCS recovery we eliminated it completely. Soda contains phosphates which can reduce magnesium levels. * I've tried to have him avoid whole grain foods and brown rice. I know it goes against conventional health wisdom, but there are some studies that show the fiber and phytates in whole grains reduce mineral absorption. We seem to be okay with the fiber in beans and produce in my family - it's just seems to be whole grains, like oatmeal and whole wheat bread, that give us problems. * I suspect cooked and mashed foods are easier to absorb and get nutrients from. I noticed my son would feel better after eating mashed pinto beans. I've read that pinto beans have high amounts of magnesium. I think the mashing makes the beans easier to digest. I know a lot of people advocate raw food diets these days, but I don't think they are the best types of diet for everyone. I've tested out different diets with raw foods and cooked foods for my family and cooked foods come out to be the clear winner for us. I tried to get my son to eat a lot of home cooked soups. I think the long simmering process in soups is good for killing toxins such as bacteria and yeast and also helps make the soups easy to digest. Plus the medley of ingredients provide a wide range of highly absorbable vitamins and minerals. *******www.balancedhealthtoday****/products.html