Wanna Be Rich

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Thanks to all the people who've been following 'Little Girl Big Dreams' since day 1 and thank you to all th...
Thanks to all the people who've been following 'Little Girl Big Dreams' since day 1 and thank you to all the new supporters! Your love truly means the world to me. Mahalo for supporting 'I.D.G.A.F.' & for those out there fighting for their dreams as well: We all "Wanna Be Rich" for different reasons. Not only to be to be wealthy in money, but in life, and friendship. This is for the kids who don't have parents, parents who put their kids up for adoption, people who can't afford an education, people who lost their homes from reasons they can't control, people who want to support their families and take away the bills, people who just want to live on their own and not have to rely on anyone else to survive, people who are stuck at the same 9-5's making minimum wage. There are a lot crazy things going on in the world and it seems like all we really want is to live a better life. Walking around the streets even in paradise, such as Hawaii, there are homeless teens and elders everywhere fighting the system to get by. Hawaii is too busy highlighting the beaches and tourist spots when just around the corner of Waikiki and every shopping strip is another soul yearning for attention from someone or something to save them. People spend so much money on things they don't need, trying to look good, be cool, hold a status and image they can't maintain, yet they themselves wonder why they are unhappy. Maybe it is because their uncle, their brother, their sister, is living in the parking lot with nothing to eat while they just spent their paycheck on a new iPad. In this generation, people get attached to the superficial and materialistic things they forget what life is really about. If you live your life only thinking about yourself, then you will end up lonely, which is why most people spend their days behind their computers. In this world of technology, people have made it hard to even communicate face to face in public without the other having fear of being robbed, raped, or harmed. There is nothing personal anymore. It's all on the surface. Since when is life so hard where we don't have compassion for the next man's problems? Yet we want people to have sympathy for our mishaps? Since when are our own problems bigger than somoene elses? We all have a main desire coming into this world to live a worry-free life. Money is the root of all evil. It brings out the greed, selfishness, pride and dishonesty in everything we do; In music, in peoples personalies, in the way business is conducted. Yet it is one of the most desired items in the world. Because without money, we don't eat. We don't eat, we don't survive. Society and media alters our priorities to think otherwise. When people have dreams to become someone better than we are today, instead of focusing on making those dreams come true, people bring into life things they dont need, like guns and drugs which tkae them away from their goal. This one goes out to all the little girls/dudes with big dreams doin what they gotta do to survive and get by. Now a days times are hard, especially durin the holidays. We are all lookin for someone to relate and connect with us, to know we ain't the only ones going through the struggles of life. We are just some little girls with big dreams dealing with the same exact things others deal with on the day to day. We grind to pay our way, pay our dues, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to realize we are luckier than others if we're waking up to our cars being broken into and robbed the day before thanksgiving...Showin that damn, others really needin somethin if they goin that far with it. And that's okay, because we should all think that if we got somethin that someone else needs that we aint usin, pass it onto the next man. Please share and Thank You for your support! Shout outs to the people who helped make this video and song come to life: The Skateboarders down in Makiki: Jordan Letoto (********www.facebook****/jordan.letoto?fref=ts) Christopher Tajiri aka Grimez Mcgee, Races Records (********www.facebook****/christopher.tajiri?fref=ts) & Phil Nguyen (********www.facebook****/phil.nguyen.100?fref=ts) Trackbaby Pictures for another dope production (www.facebook****/trackbaby.deshields) Wanna Be Rich is off of Jazi's debut album, "I.D.G.A.F." and a huge message for her movement, "Little Girl, Big Dreams". DL IDGAF www.jazimusic****