Montreal Police Harassment Caught on Dash Camera - Shocked Cop G

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*******DashCamDiaries**** I was in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I pulled into a Esso Service station ...
*******DashCamDiaries**** I was in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I pulled into a Esso Service station to fill up and grab a coffee. Cops followed me into the service station parking lot and parked sideways right in front of me and stared me down for the whole duration I was there. When I was done and ready to leave, the cops tailed me around town for a few minutes and burned a RED LIGHT to stay on my tail even. Finally they put on their lights and pulled me over. The cop demands my papers and starts listing violations such as burning a yellow light and my tires are too big and the truck is lowered illegally etc. I made it very clear that I was recording everything including inside the car and outside, her, myself and the supposed yellow light she claims that I burned. I let her know also that I recorded all the time they pulled into the service station just to watch me and my every move. The cop got nervous and claimed she was drinking a coffee over there, but she did not get out of the vehicle once to go in and get a coffee. Long story short, the camera system in the vehicle got me off clean, no tickets and no continued harassment for the night. This is my second video showing how Police harass me constantly, play little surveillance games with me and just abuse their authority at will. I encourage everyone who may be the subject of constant police harassment like myself to get a dashcam installed in their vehicle so that you too can have proof to show to the world, court and judge when need be. Montreal Police Dash Camera Abuse Authority Cops False Arrest