4 C's Of Diamonds - A Guide

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Hi, this is John from Brillianteers**** Description: 4 C's Of Diamonds - A Brillianteers**** Guide; ...
Hi, this is John from Brillianteers**** Description: 4 C's Of Diamonds - A Brillianteers**** Guide; Click here for further reading: *******www.brillianteers****/p/ I'm going to be talking to you today about the 4C's of diamonds. The first C is Cut. Now, what is cut ? Its not only the shape of a diamond as most people think: Round, Princess and so forth but its also the way the diamond is cut and if its cut in the correct angles giving it its natual brilliance. So, here we have a diamond which is G in color and VS in clarity and this actually has a very good cut making it very brilliant actually. The second C of diamonds is color. Now, the color of a diamond can not only be seen from the top of the diamond as usually be set in an engagement ring but can also be seen from the side and thats the best way to look at the color of a diamond. This diamond is a G color. The color goes from the color D which is the higest and whitest clearest diamond all the way to Z and Z is, of course, a very yellow diamond , people dont like yellow diamonds, unless its a fancy color diamond. That we'll talk about later. Clarity, is the 3rd C. Now the clarity of a diamond is actually how clean the diamond is, how many imprefections does the diamond have and where those imperfections are located inside the diamond. So if I take a look at this diamond , I can see a very very small imprefection of to the right side of the diamond. Its a white imprefection and very very small , that makes it a VS2 clarity diamond. Clarity goes from flawless which has no flaws all the way up to I which means included, so between them we have FL - Flawless, IF - Internaly flawless, VVS - Very Very slightly included, VS - Very slightly included, SI - slightly included and I - Included. Here we have a VS2 diamond which is very clean. The 4th C is the carat weight. 1 CT is 100 points so when they say 50 points we are talking about a half carat. Here we have a 1.5 carat diamond, its a very nice size, perfect for an engagement ring. The carat is the weight of the diamond but you can tell the weight also by looking at the size since each diamond is cut at certain standard angles. I'm John from Brillianteers**** , if you have any questions , please let us know. 4 c's of diamonds diamond 4 cs diamond 4 c 4 c diamond 4 c of diamonds four c's of diamonds diamonds 4 c's the 4 c's of diamonds diamond 4c 4cs of diamonds diamond color and clarity