Is MindMeld The Same Thing As Siri?

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Tim Tuttle answers user questions on Expect Labs' MindMeld iPad app. Expect Labs is a startup based in San...
Tim Tuttle answers user questions on Expect Labs' MindMeld iPad app. Expect Labs is a startup based in San Francisco that is building a technology platform designed to reinvent how we have conversations. Expect Labs is the creator of the iPad app called MindMeld, which is the first voice and video calling app that can actually understand conversations in real-time to make it easy to find and share related information as you talk. -------------- TRANSCRIPT: Hi there, this is Tim Tuttle from Expect Labs. I'm taking a little time right now to answer some of the questions we've gotten from users since we have launched our company Expect Labs couple weeks ago. We started demoing our product which is an iPad application called MindMeld and it's built on a very unique technology backend that attempts to understand continuous conversations in order to be able to find and display relative information to you as you are talking. So a question that we been getting a lot is, "Hey this sounds like a Siri". Its a same thing as Siri. The answer to that is "No we are not trying to be like Siri but actually trying to apply similar technology to a very different use case. So as you know Siri is designed to try to answer questions. Due to some of the short comings of speech to text analysis, Siri does not necessarily understand you all the time. Alright, the shortcomings are if there's background noise, if Siri doesn't understand you clearly, sometimes it doesn't understand the question. Right. If you are not speaking in a language Siri knows very well or if you have a particular accent that Siri does't understand, you know, may be it will not understand you. If you are talking in technical jargon that isn't part of Siri's vocabulary, it might not understand you either.That can be a real problem if What were trying to do is answer questions because you will be disappointed if you don't get the specific answers you are looking for. What we are trying to do is very different. What we are trying to do is - We are trying to listen passively along side existing conversations that you might be having already and in the event that we are able to understand something that you say which isn't always. There's lot of times we don't understand what you are saying but when we do, we want to be able to use that information to be helpful if not possible and we wanna be helpful by providing relevant information to you before you need to ask so I think, this case can address a lot of the short comings of a product like Siri because is we don't understand what you are saying for whatever reason then your know worse off then you were before. You are just having normal conversation and if you want to find something you will have to raw search explicitly. But in cases where we do understand which can happen lot of the time then we want to use that to be more helpful. So we don't actually run an explicit search, we can find that information for you in advance so you have it. Hopefully that will be a pleasant surprise or an app that is normally not helpful at all, can be slightly more helpful in a situation where you're already having a conversation. So that's our thinking about it and we hope that we get this to work. Our first version I think works pretty well and it's definitely going to get better in the weeks, months and years as this technology improves over time. If you have any other questions, feel free ask us I'll be happy to answer them whenever I get a chance.