Couples Retreat (2009): Eden East Party

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The clip eden east party from Couples Retreat (2009) As long as we're headed east, that's the direction we...
The clip eden east party from Couples Retreat (2009) As long as we're headed east, that's the direction we're supposed to be going. I'm looking for the Little Dipper. If I could find the Little Dipper, I could find the North Star. Shane, help me find the Little Dipper. What do I look like, Harriet Tubman? Fine! I'll do it by myself, okay? You guys are no help! Just... Just... Welcome to Hump Island! It's time to feast here in the belly of the beast here at Eden East! Now can you feel It? Come on! Man, we are about to get this party started right! You guys ready? Bingo! Hey, you, check it out, y'all! A luau fire and drum show is coming up real soon! Some of the best drummers in the whole world. Don't forget to check it out! This place is out of control. What could she be possibly getting into over here, man? Come on, let's not get ahead of ourselves. For all we know, she could be sitting in a corner sulking somewhere. Hey, we can do this. We get in, we get out, we're back before sunrise. I know... I know that girl. San Diego! I know that girl. I'm going to go see if I can get some answers out of her. What are you talking about? I'm trying to find Trudy! Talking to locals is the best way to get information! You guys should be doing it, too. That's a great idea. We split up. That way, we find her twice as fast. Shane, with me. We shouldn't split up, we should stay together. Listen, Dave, time is of the essence, okay, and if we don't find her, here's what else. We meet back at the exit in, like, an hour, okay? Come on. Let s go. Jason, there's a ton of people here. If we split up, we're going to... Stay with Joey. This place rocks. What are you doing? What am I doing? I'm trying to have a good time. I'm trying to have a party going on. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. We got to find Trudy. I don't want to get into this. Come on, buddy. What, are you dying to be part of the new singles scene? Look at all these people. They're running around, they're... They're sexing, they're cramping, they're twitting each other 'cause their day's so special they have to share it with the world. it�s called tweeting. I call it twitting! Look, Joey, we were single. We had our fun. We're not missing out on anything. No, you were single, you had fun. I got married early, so I never got to experience this. I have a feeling you had a chance to experience lots of things. But, look if you want to go play "Guess Your Disease" or "Let Me Translate Your Tribal Tattoo," knock yourself out. You don't get it. I'm here trapped on an island with a woman who can't even stand the sight of me. And whose fault is that? it�s not my fault!